Share Users Across Associations
Using one login, users can sign into any organization or sport that they are part of. This means that users only need to remember a single username and password. Since the system knows what organizations they belong to, the assigning and scheduling process has become even more flawless. When assigning an employee, the system lets you know if your employee is already booked by another assignor/scheduler in any other group that the employee belongs to. No more double booking!
Master Shift Schedule
The central force of an assignor's work is this page that we have spent countless hours optimizing to make the assigning experience fast and easy. You have easy SINGLE PAGE ASSIGNING, in which the assignor can run down through the shifts and assign employees, without having to open and load multiple pages!!
View Available Employees to Assign
The assigning window gives you metrics and information about your employees as you assign them. This means that you don't need to cross reference other reports to come up with who you want to assign. Just open the assigning window and get started with all the information at your fingertips. The system will also filter out your list of officials down to the officials that are available & qualified to work the game you're assigning. No more trying to keep track of who's qualified to work the game. Know who you want to assign to a shift? Our assigning system lets you easy go right to the person you want to assign. While assigning your officials, you'll be notified of any issues or conflicts they may have, and can choose if you want to continue or not.
Intuitive Dashboard
Make sure your employees stay up-to-date with essential reminders, and messages from the assignor about their schedules.  Optional features can also be turned on or off on the dashboard are news feeds and community forums for your employees to communicate about shift situations and much more. employees are also sent reminder notifications by email and they can opt-in to text message or push notifications also, if they desire!
Block Partners/Venues/Departments
Allow your employees to block partners they may not wish to work with, teams they do not wish to work, divisions that they do not wish to work in, or locations that they do not wish to work at. These features can be independently turned on or off by the assignor, and the assignor ALWAYS retains full control, having the ability to ignore the block list if necessary. Use all the block lists, or any combination of them - FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE!!
Availability Dates
Tired of entering in each employee's availability yourself? With our online web based system, you can let your employees sign in and do it themselves. Employees can also EASILY manage availability for multiple organizations, by specifying a single calendar or by simply mass editing all their calendars on one screen.
Easy Reporting
Easily generate a number of reports for billing or payroll for printing or exporting! You can instantly generate pay stubs for your employees, payment summaries for your entire organization, payment summaries for your assignors and schedulers, invoices for teams, invoices for leagues, invoices for division and many more. Reports are also easily exported to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, printable versions, etc.
Integrated Payment Center
Now it is easier than ever to receive payments from the organizations you service and then disburse those payments to all your employees. The integrated Payment Center allows you to generate electronic invoices and send them off to your clients. You clients can then instantly and automatically pay you online with a Credit or Debit Card or an Electronic Check (eCheck). Once you've received payment, you can also send payments to all your employees for the services they provided. It takes only a few seconds to generate a report and send it as an invoice or payment. With one central location to manage your organization's finances, you'll never need to go anywhere else!
Video Library
Upload and Share videos with your users to allow them to learn and discuss material to make themselves better. Uploading actual scenarios and films, instructional videos, or even just something to entertain "the troops" has never been easier. Videos canbe viewed and discussed right from our intuitive interface to allow a level of communication like never before!

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