Frequently Asked Questions
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How Do I...

How do I join an existing organization as a new user?
How do I change my email address?
How do I change my personal information?
How do I change the owner of the system?
I am already a member, how do I join a new (additional) organization?

Pricing Questions

Can you explain your pricing structure?
If I remove someone from my system, can I reuse that user license for someone new?
If I run out of user licenses can I add more?
Do non-employees take up user licenses?
Are there any setup fees?
Are there any extra costs?
Is there a fee for additional schedulers?
Can I remove unused user license from my system and get a refund?
If I buy Add-On User Licenses part way through the year are they pro-rated?
Are there any fees for technical support?
Do you show advertisements?

Purchase Process

How soon can I sign in after purchasing a subscription?
Can I pay by check?
How do I get started using

Scheduling Questions

Why can't my officials see their assignments?

Everyday General User Questions

My organization uses, how do I gain access?
My family all uses the same email address, can we share?
How old must I be to use
I accidentally registered 2 accounts with 2 different email addresses, what do I do?

General Technical Support

How and when is technical support available?
What is the fastest way to get technical support?
My username or password isn't working. What do I do?
What Internet Browser do I need to use?
I'm not receiving emails... help?
Can I just call you for technical support?
Screen Sharing Info
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