Benefits For Assignors, Employees and more!
Here's a few of our most popular features that users love.
We have many more features available with our systems so if you have a specific feature you're looking for,
feel free to Call, Email or Live Chat with us and we'll be happy to tell you about it.

  Manage and Communicate with Employees Online

  • Full Personal Information Management
  • Availability Calendars
  • Automatic Restriction, Conflict, and Qualification Detection
  • User preferences for Shift level, venues, travel, etc.
Easy Assigning Methods
  • Fill Shifts Quickly and Easily
  • Import Shifts from Spreadsheets
  • Allow or Disallow Coaches Entering Shifts
  • Complete Records - Teams / Shifts / Venues / Institutions
  • Create sub-groups to better manage large groups of employees
  • Assign all types officials including Umpires, Referees, Linesmen, Competition Judges, etc.
  • Assign all types of minor officials including Scorekeepers, Concession Stand Personnel, EMTs and many more.
  • Assign all types of administrative officials including Scorekeepers & Mentors
Automatic Shift Reminders & Notices
  • To Employees, Teams, Coaches, Athletic Directors, Assignors
  • Email reminders and notifications
  • Text Message reminder and notifications
  • Push notifications for Android, iPhone and iPad devices
Instant Change Notifications
  • Employees changed on shift
  • Dates / Times / Location / Shift Type Change Notifications
Warnings and Reminders
  • Unaccepted Assignment Reminders
  • Unfilled Shift Warnings & Reminders
  • Conflict Detection
Manage All Fees and Payments
  • Shift(s) Fees
  • Travel Expenses (mileage, tolls, per diem, etc.)
  • Organized reporting and exporting of earnings
  • Direct Deposit transfers (available to US Organizations only - additional fees apply)
Information and Training
  • Organize Meetings and Attendees
  • Upload & Share Documents and Files
  • Upload & Share and Discuss Video Clips
  • Google Maps Integration for Directions
  • Assign and track mentors and supervisors on shifts
Evaluations and Mentoring
  • Schedule evaluators and mentors along with your officials
  • Observer Ratings & Rankings System (let observers and supervisors rate officials)
  • Coaches Ratings & Rankings System (let coaches rate your officials)
  • Fellow Official Ratings & Rankings System (let officials rate eachother)
Communication Methods
  • Email
  • Text Messaging
  • Excel Spreadsheet Imports & Exports
  • Printing
  • Instant Chat with other Users
  • Gmail & Outlook Integration for synchronizing calendars
  • YouTube Integration for sharing videos
  • Android / iPhone / iPad App Notifications
  • Free Android / iPhone / iPad Apps!
  • Access a cell-phone friendly version of the site to view schedules and assign on the go.
  • iPad and Tablet Friendly!
  • GoogleTV Video Sharing Service
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